Happy Samhain

Happy Samhain


Sometimes I believe that if someone were to gift me a tarot deck or a new pentacle, they would get faster to my heart than with a diamond choker. I guess it’s odd in someone with such an intelectual profile would talk about this kind of stuff, but I refuse to hide a part of myself out of sheer convenience. Samhain is my favourite festivity throughout the year and I celebrate if with enourmous happiness.

I like Samhain and I like Halloween, with every absurd contradiction that it implies. I like dressing up as a witch, a vamp and the death, and I like dancing naked when there’s a full moon. And that’s all perfectly coherent inside of my head. I also like to leave a place at the table for my ded relatives and burn a list of things that I hope can get rid of this new year – given that Samhain is the end of the harvest and, thus, the witches’ new year. And as part of the cult, I celebrate it with way more interest than I ever celebrated the actual new year.

So bring me white and black candles, bat plushies and orange and purple skirts, blankets with moons or chokers with the triple moon, and think of me in my special day, ’cause I will celebrate it as I should.

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