Would you like to meet and see if there’s a spark? Feel like having some nice company for an event? Or maybe, you’d like me to plan a date for both of us, true to the purest GFE? Let’s enjoy a lovely chat, some flirting, getting to know each other in a calm way, without hurries or pressures.

First Date (1H)

We can take a walk, have a drink, visit some art gallery, I could keep you company at some affair… Whatever you feel like while we get to know each other a little better. The best way to introduce yourself in the Girlfriend Experience.

150 € *

*Extras not included

Cultural Getaway (2H)

Would you like to enjoy a true GFE? Let me prepare a date for both of us so I can show you my favourite corners in Barcelona. Maybe we can go to the museum, watch a play or visit some exhibit… besides having a snack together.

300 € *

*Extras not included


You want a different Girlfriend Experience, something public but closer to the private side, a moment when we can tempt our fates and, maybe, misbehave a little…

Wetness (1H)

Come with me to the Hammam and let’s enjoy an hour full of knowing looks, strokes and underwater caresses.

300 € *

*Ticket to the Hammam not  included


You’re dying to see me in private and letting my hands loose all over you, right? You want to kiss me and see the desire thriving in my eyes, and you want us to surrender to passion, so choose my most exciting GFE…

Spark (1/2H)

Quick and rough. Will you survive this?

100 € *

Provocation (1H)

Let’s meet to satisfy each other for a moment… and see how much pleasure we could scrape in this encounter.

200 € *

*Accommodation not included

Fantasy (2H)

The ideal encounter to become deeply… acquainted, and what do we like doing together and how.

400 € *

*Accommodation not included

Craving (3H)

Let’s let desire grow between us while we go out to dinner, and afterwards… let’s enjoy passion in its pure form.

600 € *

*Accommodation not included

*Dinner not included

Dream (8H)

Where could we let our imagination, hands and skin flow if we spend the night together?

1200 € *

*Accommodation not included
*Give at least a weeks notice

What we'll do

  • Company: You can expect a lovely conversation, some artistic debates and a good idea exchange. You must know that I'll do my best so our encounter is unique and special, so the more you tell me about your interests, the better for both us.
  • Insinuation: Girlfriend kisses, cuddling, caressing, strokes and a huge lot of temptation.
  • Alcoholic beverages: I consider one drink to be the perfect limit so both of us to thoroughly enjoy our encounter.
  • Practices: DFK, BJ, DT, CFS, XOXO, GFE, FBSM, foot fetish, BDSM*, RPG*, other fetishes*

*Only if you ask in advance so we can consensuate our limits.

What we won't do

  • Company: We'll try and won't surpass the established time. In the company dates there won't be any physical contact besides the one used for courtesy.
  • Insinuation: Penetration, masturbation or anything that might lead us to be thrown our or fined for public scandal.
  • Narcotics: I don't have any problem if other people use them, but I don't take them. I reserve the right to cancel a date if you arrive in a state of inebriation.
  • Practices: Bareback services (sex without protection is strictly prohibited with me), greek, submission, razor-play, needle-play, scat, etc.


  • Contact: Remember, both of us have to balance our schedules, so the more time you give us in advance, the simpler it'll be. Let's respect our time.
  • Payment: You'll hand me the payment in a closed envelope at the beginning of the date.
  • Refunds: I reserve the right to abandon the date at any given time if I feel uncomfortable. If for any reason you insist on any part of the "no" list, you behave with scarce manners or you disrespect me, I'll leave immediately and I won't reimburse you, at all.
  • Special requests: If it's not on the "no" list, we can talk about it. I'm extremely happy to attend women, and three are never too many people.
  • Rush fee: If you want to see me right now, there'll be an extra fee of 50% of the total. I don't like to be rushed.

My colleagues

  • Lilu: We're bond by our love for unicorns, fashion and cats. Lilu is fun, intelligent, spontaneous and natural, and if you want to try both sides of the coin, you only have to meet us together.
  • María Alba: Two refined, intelligent and sensual women, both of us with a thousand curves. Do you think you can handle us both? Come and loose yourself between us two.

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