About me

Who am I

I’m your most acid, cynic Girlfriend Experience, with an odd sense of humor. I’m politic, commited, woke and an idealistic-realist. I have my mind set, and when I want something I simply go for it. I like to win as much as I like to compete, and I’m addicted to intellectual battles. I worry about my looks because, essentially, I’m an aesthete: my wardrobe and my makeup are carefully curated to communicate exactly what I want… because the devil is in the details.

I like sex as much as I like to eat because, deep down, I’m a true hedonist: pleasure is always a goal for me, and I think there are mulitple ways to reach it. Under my point of view, sex and erotism exist in our minds, and there’s nothing better than a good conversation to get them started. I think the atmosphere, the vibrations on the ambience, are the base of all pleasure, and I strive to achieve them with a touch, a whisper, a look… or a bite.

Are you my kind of person?

You’re interesting and intelligent. You’re patient, sincere and you like to enjoy life’s pleasures. You have your mind set up as much as I do, and that’s why you’re here. You like to spend your time with a well-educated woman, intelligent and who doesn’t beat around the bush when she desires something. You appreciate the look of the woman who has spent time taking care of it, and you know how to enjoy it the way you enjoy everything else: at the proper pace.

You think an encounter must be more than a transaction between two parts; for you, the connection is important: you want to feel the tension, the anticipation curling up around us. You like to experiment with pleasure, giving it shape and finding new ways to live it. You enjoy having a companion to do this, one that devotes herself to it as much as you do. All in all, you look for a girlfriend experience that is not your regular average, with real implication while we’re together.

Our date

My shoes step with conviction on the floor, and that’s the first thing you notice when you watch me come towards you. We greet each other and I kiss you near the corner of your mouth, I want to feel how I will fit in with your body. I take you by the hand and we go grab something to drink, a little appetizer before the main course. I want to look you in the eye while I stroke your hand until you can no longer stand the distance between our skins.

When I decide that it’s been enough and we go towards our room, I dedicate myself to surrounding your arm with mine, to stroke my hips against your side, maybe to sniff your neck before I bite it. We arrive and I insist in continuing to torture you a little bit more, so I make you sit on the bed and slowly, hatefully slow, I strip naked for you. I want you shivering with pleasure, and what I want… I get. I embrace you by your back and I undo your shirt, taking my hands all over your chest. I whisper, after licking your neck, that we should take a hot shower. To delay it. To see your pupils go wide with pleasure.

So I take you to the shower, I get you naked, and I get both of us beneath the warm water while I stroke your skin against mine. I clean you everywhere while I smile and gift you some kisses, some bites, lots of caresses. I allow you to clean my body with your hands, resting my back against your chest and surrounding your neck.

We finally get out of the shower and we lay in bed. And it’s then, an then only, when I give you what you desire the most: me.


I'm the girlfriend that men who wanted their teacher to spank them in class dream about. 

  • Age: 24
  • Area: London
  • Nationality: Spaniard
  • Ethnicity: European
  • Education: Finishing my degrees in History of Art and Multimedia
  • Personality: Sensual, curious, passionate and sarcastic
  • Occupation: Student, designer and illustrator
  • Hair: Medium curly dark hair, although it's subject to changes.
  • Facial complexion: Fair skin, grey eyes, full lips and snub nose. I like to put makeup on, it's fun.
  • Physique: Hourglass
  • Body hair: Depeding on the day, sometimes none at all, sometimes some, but always well-groomed.
  • Size: 38-40
  • Height: 165cm
  • Shoe size: 37EU
  • Piercings: One in my ear
  • Tattoos: Quite a few...
  • Smoking: No, but I don't mind if you do.
  • Drinking: Occassionally


  • Gastronomy: Sushi, Thai, Japanese, Hindi, Cajún
  • Drinks: Screwdriver, White Russian, Sex on the Beach
  • Lingerie: Askasu, Cristina Aielli, Ann Summers, Hunkemöller
  • Shoes: Killstar, Jeffrey Campbell, New Rock
  • In bed: I like kisses, caresses and hugs, giving massages and licking everywhere.
  • Fetishes: Domination (I rule in bed), Movement restriction, Pet play, Shoes, Costumes.
  • Toys: Vibrating rings and rampant rabbits.
  • Wishlist: Click here to get me something nice.
  • Booklist: Click here to feed my thirst for knowledge.

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